Januari Intermediate course!

Photography lessons in English | Courses and workshops with advanced opportunities | Qualified and experienced teachers | Spacious, bright studio located in the heart of The Hague | Small groups with personal attention | Practical lessons offered in the studio and on special locations.


Level: intermediate For students who know the basics and like to learn more. With dancers and models. Guest teachers and professional studio.


Photography course for beginners in English with theory and practice. Learn your settings and how to improve your photos. Lessons are in studio and on location.


After taking photos with an analog camera, you will develop black and white negative film and print the photos in the dark room.

Studio lighting

level: Intermediate
We will teach you how to set up studio light, how to compose, how to instruct your model, and what kind of props (materials) you will need to create your story.

Morocco Fez

Fez, the ancient walled city often regarded as the Mecca of the West has lived through history as Morocco’s spiritual, religious and educational center for centuries.