We want to make projects to depict social and societal issues in order to map out different perspectives. We use visual language, a universal language, which can fraternize by conveying insights and ideas. And to start a dialogue and shake up certain assumptions.

The art of capturing, making and understanding images is the key to international communications. With images, the unsay-able can be said. But it is an art, an art form that can be learned and developed. By creating exhibitions that highlight the ideas of people from different backgrounds, Keep the Moment helps students better express themselves in the realm of secular and engaged themes.

Participants learn how to tell their story with images and how we bring these images together. The work communicates. Artworks allow us to think outside the box and can make a shift in consciousness.

Advantages of image
Images read faster, in an instant we have an impression. Images make it easier to add nuances in terms of emotion. There are no things negative or undesirable, only absent. Emptiness or negative space gives a certain heaviness and atmosphere. Selecting and organizing images is very important because an image affects the image next to it. You can highlight certain things in a list or in a group. Connections arise between two images next to each other. Image has more impact and stimulates people to see different perspectives. It promotes a dialogue that is different from language alone. It acts as a mirror. Using visual thinking in an efficient and original way leads to new insights.

Image of Identity

'The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself."- Deepak Chopra

A visual journey about your identity.


Social Media Marketing

The online art club survey.

Do you want to learn more about art and create art yourself? Each month a work of art from a museum is highlighted and participants are asked to create something themselves in reflection on that work. Everything is online and free. Is this something for you? Send me an email.

Completed Projects

The results of the previous projects are internationally traveling exhibitions. We have exhibited in Morocco, Algeria, Suriname and the Netherlands.  Lectures and workshops are organized alongside the expositions. Read more...