Image of Identity

Documentary makers and artists create a new story with each new project. Who we are and where we are go are very important in this. From this thought, this project was born.

Thinking about which subjects are important to you, gives direction to life. People act according to what they imagine.

We collect pictures that are characteristic of our identity. From these pictures we make a collage, which we complete with texts and drawings. From this collage we investigate our own identity. You take new pictures of your surroundings and you take pictures from your archive. You will find out what is really important to you, which characteristics and interests you have, not those that you own.

What do you emphasize and what do you leave out? What order do you choose and how will you present it? How do you create the picture and with which techniques? These questions will be addressed. You get clear assignments and theory to work with.

Many people are no longer unambiguous. We have several nationalities, functions and roles. We examine prejudices, clichés and typical characteristics of groups and of ourselves. We question, read up on and discuss. Ultimately, it's not about the external features in your passport, but about what you find important and what values you express. You find similarities and differences with other people at a deeper layer. You discover talents. With images you can give a more layered answer with the right focus. It will be clear who you are and what you stand for.

Do you like to join? Please contact me.