Photography workshops

Tailor made workshop

Does your party, company, photo club or school need a fun activity with photography? Then you've come to the right place. Since 2000, I provide custom workshops for all audiences. We have workshops for adults and children together, too.

Examples below:

Street Photography

Before we go out on the street you will get some theory. We will make a reportage or a series with a theme. It does not necessarily have to be about people, you can also focus on details in the city. You get instructions on how to make pictures of unfamiliar people.

Documentary Photography

This workshop is for advanced photographers. The first half of the day consists of theory about storytelling, power of the image and how to give impact to the image. Then we go outside and make a small series. These photos will be discussed in class.

New Project Workshop

You want to start a new project and you don't have a clue what to do, or you have too many ideas and you can't choose? This workshop can be 1 on 1 or in a group.

Portrait on location or in the studio

On location we work with daylight and a reflection screen. In the studio with theater light so everyone can participate. We teach you all about contrast and shadows. How to optimally lighten your model. You will also get instructions on how to direct your model.

"You can make people or break people" is a famous saying in the movie scene. In photography it is the same. With only point of view and light you can make a person beautiful, ugly, sweet, mean, dominant or small. I will show the effects of lighting and how to make a picture to achieve those effects.

If you prefer to work with a flash, participants need a flash connection (for a flash shoe). Not everyone can photograph at the same time, when we're using a flash.

Night Photography

Suitable for people who have an SLR or system camera and can work with the manual settings.

In the dark we will take pictures of moving objects with slow shutter speeds. This workshop is fun to do in the city with streetcars, or at the funfair. The pier in Scheveningen is also a nice location with the Ferris wheel. Or during Christmas when there are many lights everywhere. In the summer, this workshop is less effective, because it remains light for a long time. It is possible if the participants have an ND filter. Alongside an SLR or system camera you need a tripod. I have about 10 tripods for borrowing.

Print photos or make photograms in the darkroom

Learn to develop (print) photos in the darkroom (a dark room with red light). You print the pictures on a strip with light from an enlarger onto paper. This paper then goes into 3 baths of chemicals. The result is a black and white photo on photo paper. We have 6 enlargers, it is possible to share an enlarger. It is also possible to make photograms (wikipedia). A photogram is a print of an object placed directly on photographic paper in the darkroom and then exposed.

Point of view

The participants get assignments to make pictures. You'll receive a clear explanation on how to make the pictures. All photos are discussed on a screen with a possible winner. You will find yourself with surprising results that you had never expected. Suitable for camera or phone.

Basic principles of composition and photography

The participants receive a clear explanation with examples about composition and photography effects. After the explanation they get to work themselves and the photos are discussed together. Suitable for camera or phone.

Also look at Photo Hunt

It is possible to have workshops in collaboration with other artists.


Photography Teacher: 60 euro ex VAT per hour (Teaching for under the age of 21 there is no VAT according Dutch law)
Travel expenses only outside The Hague in consultation
Use of studio in consultation