Photography Hunt

Photo Discovery is an educational photo scavenger hunt. It is a route through the city center of The Hague and at every indicated location there are photo assignments. The assignments are described in a booklet with explanation (Dutch and English). By the explanation you learn to photograph better and examine differently. You can walk the route at your own pace and get inspired by the assignments along the way. It is possible to make a contest of it. The assignments challenge you to look photographically. They inspire you to a new way of seeing. An example of an assignment is to make a dramatic and a picturesque photograph of a church. It is explained how to do that. The assignments can be done with camera or phone. (4 to 6 hours)

Want a Photo Hunt at another location? We can create a scavenger hunt for you at any location. We can discuss how long it will take, how difficult it will be, what kind of camera is required to do the assignments (phone or SLR/system camera), or if there is a an element of competition. You can also decide if there will be a teacher or if you organize it yourself and only receive the route with assignments in a (digital) booklet.


Booklet Photo Discovery: €7.50 each per person. Only digital version in PDF: 50 euros per activity.

Customized photo hunt in consultation

Activity with photo teacher including PDF (text and photos): 254 euro per afternoon.

Prices include VAT