Online Image

This workshop is for people who want to create a new website or an online profile. The presentation of this says something about you, your product and your company. Which "look and feel" suits you? with all online expressions that you spread over the world wide web, people get an impression of you, what kind of person you are. If that image appeals to them, they will want to work with you. You and your clients are both looking for people with the same values. Your first impression or online image is important.

We start by mapping your identity using photos and drawings. We work intuitively and during the process the identity, colors, shapes and fonts become clear. The result, the "Look and Feel" is your online image. We work with the "what, how and why" method. The why question gives a clear picture of your goal and you communicate that to your customers.

2 sessions of 2 hours

Price: 250 euro ex VAT

Time and date to be arranged.