Photography for Beginners in Porto, Portugal

Learn to take beautiful photos and operate your camera properly within a week in the beautiful city of Porto!

We start with the functions of the camera such as white balance, focus settings, light metering, different types of lenses and under- and over-exposure. You will learn to work with the trinity: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. You will also learn about light, composition and how to generate more impact with your photo. After this course, your photos are guaranteed to be better.

You will receive a digital copy of the theory and assignments to read before the course starts, with extra information about composition, emotion and visual language for your pictures. Different styles of photography are covered such as documentary, reportage, nature, street and portrait photography.

Exercises with the group: camera settings, depth of field, point of view. Together with the participants of Street Photography we will practice: slow shutter speed (when it is dark), fill-in flash, portrait photography.

5 days photography classes in Porto Portugal.

Day 1: Arrival at hotel
Day 2: Camera settings and white balance, focus, flash and light metering
Day 3: Aperture, Iso, lenses and depth of field. In the evening we practice with slow shutter speed and fill-in flash.
Day 4: composition, visual language and portrait on location, we take turns being the model or the photographer or the lighting technician.
Day 5: street photography, portrait of a stranger and in the evening work meeting.
Day 6: Photo scavenger hunt with assignments.
Day 7: End of the photo tour.

Start: mid October 2022

Teachers: Barbara Smeenk en Dave Flin

Price: 550 euro, including digital guide (excluding: accommodation, transportation, entrance fees and all other things)

Bring your own (SLR or system) camera, enough batteries and memory cards and preferably a laptop and a tripod for night photography. Tripod can be borrowed in consultation.

Would you like to participate with a phone or point and shoot camera? Then you can join the first 2 days with Street Photography.

4 to 8 participants

The lessons are given in English, theory and assignments are available both in Dutch and in English.

In the summer suggestions for hotels and flights will appear on this site. It is nice to travel together and to be in the same hotel. Feel free to book a different hotel or flight.

Sample photos below were taken in various countries.