Analogue Photography

During this course you will learn how to develop a roll of film from an analog camera in a tank onto negatives. You print these negatives with light from an enlarger on paper in a darkroom with red light. Then this paper goes into 3 baths of chemicals. The result is a black and white photograph on photographic paper.

You also learn how to push the film. You get theory about different types of films and cameras. You will develop a 35 mm black and white film of T-max 400 yourself. The negatives that come out of this you can print on your own enlarger. You will learn all about dodging, burning, gradation filters, types of paper and chemicals. You will also learn to make a contact sheet and photograms.

During the first lesson we will take pictures. The first lesson, you need to bring an analogue camera without a roll in it. If you already have negatives, you can bring those too. (Camera can be borrowed, only in consultation)

You'll receive a 400 Tmax Kodak film, chemicals and paper.

6 lessons

Price: 360 euro

Start: 2 november 2022, every Wednesday and Thursday, 2 evenings a week. ( 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 november)

Time: 19.00 - 22.00

Maximum 6 participants. Everyone gets his own enlarger to print pictures.