Exhibition and workshops on identity.

With this, I want to evoke curiosity about the other person and go beyond the first impression. When we meet for the first time, our first impression is quickly based on our appearance. What if the inner core values are immediately visible and the appearance comes later?

The exhibition consists collages and portraits of employees from different departments. This is important because the exhibition is about all target groups.

Each collage tells the story of one person, what they find important, what is most essential in their lives and how they feel. Collages about the core values and important motives in life. The inner self on display. It is not stated whose collage this is. The collage will be a square metre so that there is cohesion. The collages are made on the basis of questionnaires filled in by the employees. Thinking about what subjects are important to you gives direction to life. Wisdom means knowing what is really important.

On another wall are portraits of employees with a card that states their country of birth, education, marital status and profession. These portraits are arranged according to core values derived from the collages.

Cooperation and trust: It is easier to trust when you know what the motivations and values of the other person are. Recognition creates a bond. Painful situations often arise from ignorance or (pre-)judgement. Working with people is at its best when you complement each other and everyone can do what they are good at. The more diverse the group is, the more use can be made of different talents, the better the result. When the goal of the organisation and your own personal goal coincide, synergy is created.

Advantages of images: Images are faster to read, in a moment we have an impression. With images, it is easier to apply nuances in terms of emotion. There are no things that are negative or unwanted, only absent. Emptiness or negative space gives a certain heaviness and atmosphere. Selecting and arranging images is very important because an image influences the image next to it. You can highlight certain things in an enumeration or in a group. Connections are made between two images next to each other. Images have more impact and stimulate people to see different perspectives. It promotes a dialogue that is different from language alone. It works like a mirror. Using visual thinking in an efficient and original way leads to new insights.