Documentary course

Storytelling in photography, a visual signature,

This course is for intermediate or advanced level, you will learn about visual lethargy and how to use your technique for the content.

How can you tell a story even with one image or a whole series? Why is a beautiful photograph is not always a good one? How can you make a photo with impact? What is the difference between a documentary, reportage and conceptual photography? What would you like to do with your photos?

By exploration of these and many other questions and discussions during this course you will discover the answers needed.

While photographing your subjects you can report, document or simply take a memory along. Photography is a means of expression, a medium, a language, and therefore a way to understand the world. Your work will explain your vision and which themes are important to you.

During this course you will get various assignments through which you learn how to tell your part of the story, discover your own vision and express your point of view. You will work on your own project and will ask yourself the right questions, while the challenge will be to answer with images, in photos.

You will do the assignments as homework and you are expected to work on your own project outside of the lessons too. The results of the assignments will be discussed during lessons, you will show your work and also see the work of other photographers. This helps you to find your own visual signature - your style in photography.

As end result of the course, you will create a book with photographic story and have exhibition in the studio.

Price € 385,-
Start date Wednesday 11 May 2022 19.00 - 21.30
8 lessons included a weekend lesson and an exhibition with a party
Location Keep the Moment Studio
Teacher Barbara Smeenk
>This course consists of 8 lessons of 2.5 hours. 7 weekdays and 1 lesson in the weekend. Plus an exhibition with a party.See calendar
3,4,5 Anna Golubeva, 6, 7 Francesc Serra