Photoshop with photography.


6 x 3 hours

Always wanted to learn how to manipulate your own digital images? Great! Then this is the course you cannot miss. Teacher Barbara Smeenk will assist you along this journey through the world of digital image manipulation. In this course we make pictures in the studio and those pictures we will manipulate. We will make a poster with you in it. We give you assignments to do at home. You can bring your own pictures to edit them. And besides that we will do basic things like selecting, adjusting contrast, typing, finding your way around the menu, tools and layers.

  • Adjust color, brightness, contrast
  • Resize, crop, rotate
  • Cut objects and people from their background
  • Apply artistic effects

The Photoshop Course targets to teach you how to use this professional software in a relaxed and playfull manner. The goal is to advance your understanding of imaging software and have some fun along the way.

Come and get to know Photoshop. It's not scary or complicated, it's fun! Download the 30-day trial from Adobe and sign up for our course. If you need any help installing the software, please let us know. You can come 30 minutes early. Costs: €20,-

You have to bring your own laptop with Photoshop installed, or you'll only be able to watch. The version of Adobe Photoshop should be CS or newer. Generally, newer is better. Both PC and MAC are supported. Download Photoshop Now. You will be getting some files to practice with and you have to practice on your own, so make sure you have enough space on your hard drive. IT'S PLAY TIME :)

Price € 270
Start date

Under constuction, if you have interest please send me an email

Location Keep the Moment Studio
Teacher Barbara Smeenk
This course consists of 6 lessons of 3 hours)



Made by Barbara