Robert Goddyn

Robert Goddyn started in 1988/1989 as a photographer. After traveling in Latin America he worked for four years through the world and for different wire-agencies worked locally as a stringer for AP, Reuters, AFP, EPA, etc.

He is self-taught in photography and has made many wanderings through the world in order to experience photographing during various civil wars and hotspots worldwide.

He is a photographer with great passion for his work and has the talent to teach fellow photographers and learn them the tricks of the trade. He calls himself not a war photographer, but rather a "conflict photographer".

By working with wire agencies and the experience gained there, he had the idea of a private office with its own archive. UPA Photo was born. Internationally oriented, the whole database is set up in English.

UPA Photo became an independent image bank and with Robert Goddyn became an independent right photographer. In the meantime, he continued to travel the world and conflicts to capture these pictures he delivered to international magazines such as Le Monde, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Elsevier.

There are now three digital books can be seen on his website, namely: 20 Years of Photography, World Portraits, Illegal Immigrants in Europe. Quote: "The only truth in photojournalism is the one in which the involvement continues" 1993 Gieles Peres / Magnum.