Adobe Photoshop

Intermediate/ Advanced

5 lessons of 2.5 hours

Always wanted to learn how to manipulate digital images the professional way? Great! Then this is the course you cannot miss. Teacher Bruno Mostert will assist you along this journey through the world of digital image manipulation.

This course is for people who has expierence with the basics. Even if you know pretty much your way around, these lessons will teach you how to use Adobe Photoshop, properly.

We will do things like finding your way around the menu, tools, layers, etc. You will make complex Photoshop files. We'll dive deeper into extended features like smart objects, paths and masks.

You'll get a detailed explanation of the most important tools and an overview of the others. You'll learn all about the best feature of Photoshop: Layers. And it doesn't stop there. There are no limits, except your own imagination. Eventually, you will be able to do things such as

  • paths and masks
  • Type and typographic effects explained
  • Apply advanced techniques, such as smart objects
  • Use tools the way you image
  • Make complex compositions
  • Retouch and apply lighting properly
  • Apply perspective the way you want
  • Interact between Photoshop and other software
  • HDR Imaging
  • And anything else you want to know!


You will be learning how to take photographs with later HDR image creation in mind. An HDR image means that your result has a broader light and color range than is possible with a camera or even your eyes. The results are vibrant images that look professional.

The theory and practice will be taught in small groups with time for questions or preferences.

Come and get to know Photoshop. It's not scary or complicated, it's fun! Download the 30-day trial from Adobe and sign up for our workshop. If you need any help installing the software, please let us know. You can come 30 minutes early. Costs: € 20,-.

Price € 200,-

Under constuction, if you have interest, plese mail us

Location Keep the Moment Studio
Teacher Bruno Mostert
This workshop consists of 5 lessons of 2.5 hours.