Photo shoot on location

Level: Intermediate.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is familiar with camera settings and knows how to shoot in manual mode. Otherwise take first the Beginner's Course or workshop

This is a practical workshop for photographers who wish to learn how to combine daylight and flash light. Barbara Smeenk and a guest teacher will take you to a special location where you will be able to individually shoot the featured dancer or model with a given light setting.

We will teach you how to set up studio light on lacation, how to compose, how to instruct your model, and what kind of props (materials) you will need to create your perfect shot. You will be able to take pictures of the model in different settings.

After the shoot we meet in the studio to review our pictures, to order them and to make a serie. You can bring your 15 selected pictures printed.

* This workshop is part of the Intermediate course.

Price € 95,-

Sunday 24 March photoshoot 16.00 - 19.00,
Tuesday 26 March review 19.00 - 21.00

Location We choose a location in The Hague
Teacher Barbara Smeenk and a guest teacher
This workshop consists one lessons of three hours and one lessons of 2 hours
Sjoerd van der Hucht.