Guus Rijven

Studied building engineering and graphic design, became photographer. Commisions regularly relate to architecture, the use of the public space and urban development in particular. Creates his own projects continuously in which picture and language conspire. Showed his work both in the Netherlands (festivals Noorderlicht and Naarden; Van Gogh museum Amsterdam, art galleries, etc) as abroad (New York, London, Tokyo, Yogyakarta, etc).

Published several books: idea, photography, text and design. Professor documentary photography at the royal academy of fine arts in the Hague.

The documentary or the essay is a series of photographs in which message and taker are just as important. Reporting and imagination sail the same boat: the documentary photographer is a narrator for whom reality is of minor importance for the truth. Reality needs no proof, only a matter of credibility. The reader/viewer is carried along yes or no. As long as it is appropriate, the narrative is true and real.

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