Behind the scenes, people are working for Keep the Moment, their enthusiasm for the photoschool is wonderful. Meet The People Working Behind The Scenes.

Carmen Morlon is a first class communicator; she helps the school with advice and text in English, and she is always ready to being our photo assistant when we are out shooting. Carmen does not currently have a website, but she is an active social media practitioner, and so, easily found online! Linkedin Carmen Morlon here!

Anna Golubeva is not only a contributor to our photo gallery but also our events hunter. One of her most dedicated jobs is co-organising the outings for the school's photo club. Website Anna Golubeva here!

Elena Ferré is a business strategist and communications specialist, passionate about storytelling and travel photography. Elena is currently working on and bringing new ideas for growing the Keep the Moment community. Website Elena Ferre here!