Portfolio Review,

Level: Intermediate and advanced.

Learn how to create a portfolio by selecting, organizing and presenting your photographs. You will share your progress with the class and in this way build up a personal portfolio.

You have a portfolio or/ and would like to get some feedback. You want to develop a portfolio but how do you compose one. Join the portfolio review sessions. During the three hour sessions, you will get personal as well as group feedback on your work and working method. If you wish, we formulate a task and/or make suggestions to increase the quality and amount of your work. Technically and substantively. The group will also be an important partner in helping you to evolve your visual communication.

During a session you will present your portfolio or work and will get feedback from the teacher and the other students as well. You will see the portfolios of your fellow students too and that might inspire you unexpectedly. Other photographers work will be also be addressed and discussed so you will be inspired to improve your work.

The sessons will cover:

  • Showing your portfolio or photographs and get feedback.
    Learn how to make series by selecting, ordering your work.
    Getting inspiration from other photographers.
    Formulating customised assignments in dialogue to increase your visual language and portfolio.
    Learning about various ways of presentation.
    Understanding what text or titles mean and add in a portfolio.
    Developing a Vision Board in order to mark priorities and define the identity of your work.
    Shaping a portfolio means also learning how to present your work, including order, format, text and titles.
    Choosing themes that defines your photo's.
  • Realizing an exhibition for the studio after 8 sessions.

We love to help you share a vision and compose that awesome portfolio you always wanted to show your friends.

Join as many times as you feel you need!

Buy a Ticket Strip and join more sessions with discount. Find out more at our price page.

Important! Bring the first time you come 20 printed photo's!

Guus Rijven on Monday 21 March and 2 May.
Barbara Smeenk on Tuesday 5, 19 April and 17 May

Price € 200,- for 4 sessions or € 360 for 8 sessions. or you can buy a seperate session for € 55 or a ticket strip to combine with other workshops.
Dates Monday and Tuesday 19.00 - 22.00 5th, and 19th April2th, 3th, 17th May and 30 May.
Location Keep the Moment Studio
Teacher Barbara Smeenk or Guus Rijven
This workshop consist of 1, 4, 8 or more sessions, buy a Ticket strip.
Robert Heinsch and Keep the Moment