Barbara Smeenk

My name is Barbara Smeenk and I am the founder of the photography school: Keep the Moment. I am a qualified photographer and moviemaker since 1995 and a photography teacher since 2000. I am very passionate about this international photography school because I have lived all over the world, with a lot of time in the Middle East when I grew up. I am keen to share my knowledge with new students and offer people the opportunity to learn photography.

Besides the school I work as a freelance photographer and moviemaker. Commissions regularly relate to dance movies, social projects in neighborhoods and future projects about the food sustainability for the Dutch Government.

My own work as an artist is about travelling, migration and identity. I investigate memories and expectations of places in the world where people originally come from and where they don't live anymore. I have exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad such as Haags Filmhuis, Korzo, theater Regentes, Lucent Dans Theater, IDFA flies tropics Backlot festival in Paramaribo and Ruangrupa comedy festival Jakarta.

Photo made by Michiel Cohen Jehoram