Analogue Photography and photolab.

In this course you will learn everything about analogue photography including developing and printing of black/ white negative film in the dark room. In one lesson we take photos with a 35 mm negative black and white film in the studio. You can use your own analogue camera or borrow one of "keep the moment". In the remaining 5 lessons we go to the dark room to develop and print our photos. You get tips and tricks about different kind of film, cameras, filters and technique. It is possible to do short workshops instead a full course. All the short workshops together is same content as a full course. You will get a filmroll, chemicals and paper.

When you do this course for second time, it is half the price.

You will learn:

  • How to use different kind of films and filters
  • Developing your own films
  • Making contactsheet of your negatives and photograms
  • Print your photos with enlarger en grainfinder
  • Using filters in enlarger to change the contrast
  • Burning in and dodging while printing
  • More practice in dark room.
This course runs once a year only, if you are interested please let us know.
Price € 345,- incl. materials.
Start date

Tuesday 9 November 19.00 - 22.00 2021, 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Wednesday, duration 3 weeks

Location Keep the Moment Studio
Teacher Barbara Smeenk
This course consists 6 lessons of 3 hours in dark room on weekdays
Robert Heinsch